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Colour Bunz south tampa best top salon highest rated barbara forgione

Color Your Curls Pain Free!

Introducing Colour Bunz……Hi! I am Barbara Forgione 35+years as a stylist , originally from the NY area. I studied with Tom Dispenza at Clairol University, Beith Minardi, Leland Hirsch, Annie Humphries and more…

I own a small but nationally recognized salon in South Tampa, Fl. As a colorist, I appeared on TLC’s The Makeover Story, my salon was featured as 1 of 100 top trendy salons by AOL’s Hot in My Salon series. My video was peek-a-boo rainbow colors and most recently, the salon was chosen by the MTV show “Made to Makeover” their young reality star. We are a community active sponsoring and supporting our local charities. We believe beauty is inside and out….American Salon recognized us and our program, “Makeover for Success!”.

South Tampa best top curly hair salon highest rated Barbara Forgione devacurl devacut short long haircut color extensions

The Problem

Day in and day out I foil, foil, foil over and over again. Boring! Is that all that there is?
Caps are painful and placement is limited and unpredictable, balyage with comb or brush is uncontrollable as the color bleeds onto surrounding hair, color dries and falls out and the result? unwanted warmth.

And foils? Slip, slide tangle up hair, tricky to check the color, they are heavy on the head and painful to remove. Clients do their best to grin and bear the weight of foils and the pain of having them unfolded and pulled while in the sink….but worst of all, we throw them away….foils are a waste of money and a waste product that ends up in landfills.

The Inspiration

There had to be a better way to hair color. There had to be a cost effective, comfortable, fun way to color hair while still having control placement and color development. I decided to come up with a different way to color hair…a way to isolate the hair section and prevent the color from touching/ bleeding onto other unintended hair. It should be washable, reusable and have multiple applications because hair coloring is creative with lots of techniques.

South Tampa best top curly hair salon highest rated Barbara Forgione devacurl devacut short long haircut color extensions

The Solution

Colour Bunz US Patent 8,656,934. for highlights, lowlights, ombre, balyage, curly hair and so much more! There is nothing like on the market….It enables the colorist to isolate the hair strand, protects the color from drying out and bleeding, its peek in to check color developing, its weightless and pain free! There are various ways to use them AND they are rewashable and reusable. Colour Bunz is making Makes Coloring Fun Again!

 Colour Bunz Packages

Starter Kit

For: Natural Highlights, Face Frames, and for a Sparkle of Light

Colour Bunz Starter Kit Picture


1 Box of Blue or Pink
6 wide channel Bunz for thick hair and creative options
6 clips
1 FREE Bonus Bunz
Extra Bonus: “10 Tips Plus 2”

Colour Bunz (Starter Kit)

Creatives Kit

For: Creatives that do more, who like to express themselves, and test the edge!

Colour Bunz Creatives Kit Picture


2 Boxes (1 Box Blue & 1 Box Pink)
12 Bunz (6 wide & 6 slim) – Do more- Express yourself!
12 clips
2 FREE Bonus Bunz (color at our discretion)
Extra Bonus: ’10 Tips Plus 2

Colour Bunz (Creatives Kit)

Maximum Effects Kit

For: Those who do it all, take it to the max, and do it like the a pro!

Colour Bunz Maximum Effects Kit Picture


4 Boxes (2 Blue wide & 2 Pink slim)
24 Bunz & 24 clips – 3 FREE Bonus Bunz (color at our discretion)
Extra Bonus: “10 Tips Plus 2”
“Secrets of a Pro Colorists Handbook” (excerpts from the ebook soon to be released)
Free Gift: Wash /Reuse & Store Bag this free gift is for a limited time only

Colour Bunz (Maximum Effects Kit)